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Welcome to Ourlife Biotech Solution

We Are Smart Creative Agency

We are a biotechnology firm with strong R&D setup that would provide a wide range of biotech solution, which can enhance the quality of life for the respective industries. Replace the synthetic chemical additives with enzymes during the manufacturing of the various food and non-food products, also minimize the manufacturing cost and reduce the production time.

We replace chemical additives, with enzymes.

We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We deliver 100% and provide instant response.

Ourlife Biotech Solutions is an R&D company headquartered at Coimbatore. Ourlife provides a key to the industries facing the challenges with Quality of products, cost of manufacturing, Standards, and specifications for the attainment of profits in both national and international markets.

Currently, we serve for the food processing industries, Animal nutrition and non-food industries such as waste management, textile industries and etc., with the help of our expert knowledge in the field of Biotechnology and respective industries. Prosperous developments in the field of biotechnology are providingus to better,opportunity for the design and development of various new and valuable industrial enzymes. Continues R&D supports in inventing new enzyme-based solutions and products for various applications to different kinds of industries. Vertical progress in protein and genetic engineering have improved the overall potential of enzymatic application in variousindustries. Enzymes did enough revolutions in the following areas food & beverage, Biofuel production, paper & pulp, animal feed and in the leather & textile industries. We believe proper and commercialized vision in the area of R&D willprovide opportunities to theextent the untapped prospectiveand potential applications in various food and non-food sectors.

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Specific enzymes for specific requirements

Enzyme based product for food & beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, enzymes are preferred because of their unique properties such as enzymes do not alter the characteristics, texture, and flavor of the products. The cumulative use of enzymes as bio-catalyst in the processing of food has been used for efficient utilization of the raw material, at ease processes, and maintaining consistency in product quality. The enhanced sustainability has been another advantage. Currently, health trends and sustainability are leading to the requirement of enzyme-based products. Enzymes provide many potential and exciting applications for minimizing the cost of manufacturing, improvement of quality in foods and also provide support to maintain the standard specifications of food products. Nowadays, the large number of unique and new enzymes are produced for use in enzymatic reactions to develop food ingredients for synthesis, biocatalysts or hydrolysis.

Enzyme based product for animal feed industry

Most of the feed ingredients are not completely digested by livestock. So, by adding enzymatic supplements to the feed, the digestion ability of the components can be improved. Enzymes are now a well-recognized and effective tool that permits feed producers to extend the range of various raw materials used in animal feed, and also to enhance the efficiency of currently existing formulations.

Enzyme based product for waste management

The execution of increasingly severe standards for the discharge of both organic and inorganic wastes into the environment has required the need for the improvement of unconventional waste treatment processes. A huge number of enzymes from different microorganisms and plants have been used to waste treatment applications. Enzymes are capable to act on the precise recalcitrant waste product to remove them by transformation or precipitation to other products. They can also help in converting waste material to value‐added products.


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